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Dec 17, 2012

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Our Achievements

MN Huda Memorial Library

The departmental library (or seminar room, as it is more popularly known) was renovated in April 27, 2004, with the help of a generous endorsement from the Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. It is a well decorated, fully air-conditioned room that has an impressive collection of about 2500 books and journals. Teachers and students use it alike. The sitting arrangements are designed for individual study or group discussion. This is the place where the students prepare for their daily class lectures, assignments and examinations. It has a projection facility also. Sometimes the seminar library is off-limits to the students for holding important meetings of the teachers or prominent economists. The seminar room is expected to come under computerized library system very soon.

Ahad Lecture Hall
Conference room which is known as the Ahad Lecture Hall is one of the most important possession of the department of Economics. It is located on the right corner of 3rd floor of Arts Building and the room number is 4045.

It was inaugurated on 9th October 2003 with generous contribution of Economics Alumni Association and Professor S.M. Ashiquzzaman.

The room is well equipped with air-conditioning, multimedia projection facility and has 150 seats. It is used for various purposes such as to arrange seminars, conference and to take classes for students.

Economics Alumni Computer Hall
To keep pace with the modern tech-savvy world, the Economics Alumni Computer Hall was inaugurated in February, 2002. The funding came from Standard Chartered Bank, ANZ Grindlys Bank, BGMEA, Pubali Bank, Dr. SM Ashikuzzaman, Prof. Farid Uddin Ahmed, Prof. M.A Taslim, Dr. Qazi Shahbuddin, Mr. Rezaul H Mushtaq and DU Economics Dept. Alumni Association. Fully air-conditioned, the hall currently houses about 65 computers and desks. Mostly it is used for internet facilities. Plus the students can print or scan the study materials from here. There is a projection facility as well. Recently a study room has been set up adjacent to the hall.