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Dec 17, 2012

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The Department of Economics is as old as the University of Dhaka. Since its inception in 1921, it has a reputation for outstanding teaching and research. The department offers undergraduate degree programme, Masters programmes in Economics and a structured and M.Phil and PhD programme. Faculty members of the department introduced new courses to deal with developing areas of concern and inquiry. Its tacit biasness towards mathematical courses pledges its adaptation ability.

Chronicle reveals its consistent commitment to academic excellence and prolific research work. It is an academia of scholars, researchers, teachers, and students. The faculties and students have frequently marked themselves in history as representative of remarkable discoveries and as producers of new knowledge. The faculty members of the Department of Economics has an outstanding international reputation in key areas of current research including applied theory, microeconometrics, game theory, labour economics, development economics, macroeconomics, industrial economics and environmental economics.

We pride ourselves on our tradition and on our reputation as a department where academic activities are not only viewed but also valued as a significant catalyst of the development of our country. The department has founded several research centers and study centers, which help students to explore applied research in the field of economics.

Bureau of Economic Research
Bureau of Economic Research is a research center, managed by the faculty members of the department. It provides many facilities like a rich library and a seminar room for the researchers where they can study and have group discussions. Moreover, many research and working papers are published enhancing the skill of young researchers. Bureau of Economic Research almost work as a training center for the freshers. It creates a compelling desire to acquire knowledge through progressive economic research among the students.